In July I brought up for discussion, the company BlackLightPower,

Mark responded wisely...

"While showing a working prototype is definitely big step in the right
direction, having a working prototype outside of Blacklight's office
will add a lot more credibility to their claims. I hope such a test
occurs soon.

The statement "Booker believes that commercialization could lead more
independent laboratories to validate BlackLight's claims" seems to be
putting the cart before the horse .. wouldn't independent lab testing
drive commercialization, not the other way around? Further, has ANY
independent lab done testing? I am not aware of any at this time."

Well there is an update.......

Their Departments of Chemistry & BioChemistry and Engineering did a study on
the BLP 1kw and 50kw generators. They measured the output power (heat)
generated by a fixed amount of reactant and compared that to the predicted
heat generated using known chemical reactions. A full report is available,
e-mail me if you are interested.

BLP press release is here...


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