Quoting Paul Raulerson (in part):

"... I was just wanting details. I was planning on giving them to our legal

Ah, being proactive... very good... your company is lucky to have you there.
You probably wouldn't be shocked to see how many heads are in the sand or in
the clouds (clouds of what I won't say...).

You've got enough information to pass on to the legal department with a case
scenario for the legal eagles to do their statutory and case law research.
The reason I refer to Austin as "the Independent Enclave of Austin" is the
judges there appear to believe they don't need to always follow the law in
the State of Texas. Remember "Judge Roy Bean, law west of the Pecos"? I've
got a saying about a particular so-called "justice of the peace" around my
part of Texas - I call him "law East of Martinez Creek" because of his
flagrant violation of statutes - routinely overturned on appeal. He's in
Wilson county, by the way, which is why I say East of Martinez Creek.

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