Hello Group,

Id like to inform you that I have merged the TreeBrowser with my
translations (Spanish, Italian and French) of the HP 50G into a single

The product is available for the English elementary form of the 50G
and in Spanish, Italian and French and contains

- Language Pack (not for the English version) which translates the
whole machine either into Spanish, Italian and French
- TreeBrowser
- TreeBrowserBuilder
- Data set of the Equation Library (in the same language as the
Language Pack)
- Data set of the most common formulas of economics (in the same
language as the Language Pack)
- SD-card
- Extensive documentation, totaling more than 50 pages for each
language on the SD-card

Also I can offer a drop-in license. If you already have a SD card and
do not want another one just send me your card with a stamped return
envelope. Please contact me by mail for details in this case.

The software is copy protected. But it is now possible to install the
software on three different machines. So you can use the software with
one calculator at home and with one at work, for example. And, of
course, I will exchange the card at now cost (except shipping &
handling) if one of your three calculator has to be exchanged for some
reason. (In this case you have to send the card to me and I will
exchange it.)

Those who like to try out the product before buying will find ready to
use EMU49 Document (*.E49) at the bottom of my homepage

The product is available in the U.S., for example at Erics commercial
site, http://commerce.hpcalc.org/multilingual.php.