I can personally recommend Mr. Cookston as being excellent in everything he does. You want the absolute best in the business - choose Mr. Cookston.

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From: Charles C Cookston

> HP3000 – Software architect.
> Charles C Cookston
> Web Navigation
> 4400 Monitor Drive
> Indianapolis, IN 46220
> CharlieCookston@WebNavigation.Net
> 317-259-1426
> Extend the life of your HP3000 with new generation graphical screens
> connected real-time to your existing IMAGE database application. I can
> create real time data entry screen with ‘tree’ searches, grids, point and click,
> drag and drop functionality. You don’t have to throw away your system or
> spend millions of dollars to migrate.
> Maybe you need some new functionality. I can create a new sub-system that
> integrates to your current business system. I have 30 years experience with
> the HP3000. I have contracted all over the US and in several countries.
> Report writers are great, but there comes a time when you need an
> integrated, powerful and simple solution. I can write in any of the HP3000
> native languages (SPL, COBOL, FORTRAN) and I can use Microsoft .NET to
> create graphic solutions directly integrated to your HP3000.
> A majority of my projects have dealt with customer service, logistic,
> accounting and inventory control; however I am not limited to these scopes.
> Here is a list of some of my repeating projects.
> Electronic receipt of orders (EDI)
> Create an automated process to capture customer’s web and electronic mail
> box postings for new shipping requirements. Capture new data to an
> intermediate database where it is ‘scrubbed’ and aligned to existing orders in
> client order database. Allow for automatic update of client’s existing order
> schedule. Archive prior schedule for on-line reference.
> Create a dashboard to report new customer requests which can not be linked
> to existing orders.
> Electronic Cash application (EFT)
> Create a function to read multiple bank formats and post cash against open
> invoices. Match payments to invoices. All payments are expected to pay the
> entire invoice. If the amount paid leaves a positive or negative balance, the
> remaining balance will be written off and a new document will be raised for
> that balance. Various document types are used to separate the
> abnormalities. C$ and D$ are used for price variances. CF and DF are used
> for freight. CA and DA are used for the unknown.
> Foreign Currency
> Add foreign currency to client’s customer management system. Allow for
> multiple currencies, each having effective exchange rates. Update price
> contracts, invoicing, cash receipts and returns to be in dual currency. Update
> financial analysis for currency option. Create functions to capture currency
> gain and loss to the General Ledger.
> Price Contracts
> Create a vehicle for maintaining price contracts. Allow for multiple effective
> contracts for a customer and product combination. Automatically price and
> route new orders based on the appropriate contract. Setup utilities to
> maintain blanket orders automatically as contracts change. Give advanced
> notice for contracts due to expire. Automatically place orders on hold when
> contract expires.
> Consigned Inventory
> Track consigned shipments from ship warehouse through final usage. Monitor
> quantity in transit and quantity at the consigned location. Automatically
> create billing as it is consumed from consignment.
> Warehouse Control
> Create a subsystem to build and document shipments. Items to ship may be
> entered or scanned. Customer orders are validated and ensured to not be on
> hold. Bar code labels, Bill of Lading, packing list and manifests are all
> generated. Client’s inventory is updated. Order tallies are updated and invoice
> is cut. ASN files are generated and transmitted for those customers who
> require them.
> Purchase Requisition Control
> Create a subsystem to take the MRP requirements and manual requirements
> and pass them through an approval process. Individual approving levels were
> set up by dollar value. Once the requisition moved through the multi-level
> approval path, purchase orders were automatically cut.
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