HP3000 – Software architect.

Charles C Cookston
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4400 Monitor Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Extend the life of your HP3000 with new generation graphical screens
connected real-time to your existing IMAGE database application. I can
create real time data entry screen with ‘tree’ searches, grids, pointand click,
drag and drop functionality. You don’t have to throw away your system or
spend millions of dollars to migrate.

Maybe you need some new functionality. I can create a new sub-system that
integrates to your current business system. I have 30 years experience with
the HP3000. I have contracted all over the US and in several countries.

Report writers are great, but there comes a time when you need an
integrated, powerful and simple solution. I can write in any of the HP3000
native languages (SPL, COBOL, FORTRAN) and I can use Microsoft .NET to
create graphic solutions directly integrated to your HP3000.

A majority of my projects have dealt with customer service, logistic,
accounting and inventory control; however I am not limited to these scopes.
Here is a list of some of my repeating projects.

Electronic receipt of orders (EDI)
Create an automated process to capture customer’s web and electronic mail
box postings for new shipping requirements. Capture new data to an
intermediate database where it is ‘scrubbed’ and aligned to existing orders in
client order database. Allow for automatic update of client’s existingorder
schedule. Archive prior schedule for on-line reference.
Create a dashboard to report new customer requests which can not be linked
to existing orders.

Electronic Cash application (EFT)
Create a function to read multiple bank formats and post cash against open
invoices. Match payments to invoices. All payments are expected to pay the
entire invoice. If the amount paid leaves a positive or negative balance, the
remaining balance will be written off and a new document will be raised for
that balance. Various document types are used to separate the
abnormalities. C$ and D$ are used for price variances. CF and DF are used
for freight. CA and DA are used for the unknown.

Foreign Currency
Add foreign currency to client’s customer management system. Allow for
multiple currencies, each having effective exchange rates. Update price
contracts, invoicing, cash receipts and returns to be in dual currency. Update
financial analysis for currency option. Create functions to capture currency
gain and loss to the General Ledger.

Price Contracts
Create a vehicle for maintaining price contracts. Allow for multiple effective
contracts for a customer and product combination. Automatically price and
route new orders based on the appropriate contract. Setup utilities to
maintain blanket orders automatically as contracts change. Give advanced
notice for contracts due to expire. Automatically place orders on hold when
contract expires.

Consigned Inventory
Track consigned shipments from ship warehouse through final usage. Monitor
quantity in transit and quantity at the consigned location. Automatically
create billing as it is consumed from consignment.

Warehouse Control
Create a subsystem to build and document shipments. Items to ship may be
entered or scanned. Customer orders are validated and ensured to not be on
hold. Bar code labels, Bill of Lading, packing list and manifests are all
generated. Client’s inventory is updated. Order tallies are updated and invoice
is cut. ASN files are generated and transmitted for those customers who
require them.

Purchase Requisition Control
Create a subsystem to take the MRP requirements and manual requirements
and pass them through an approval process. Individual approving levels were
set up by dollar value. Once the requisition moved through the multi-level
approval path, purchase orders were automatically cut.

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