Hill Country Technologies, Inc. (HCTI) continues to provide disaster
recovery and application service provider hosting solutions to the HP3000
community. Other platforms are supported as needed for clients.

HCTI is pleased to announce the addition of MPE operating system support,
including all aspects of keeping your systems running. Our goal is to
identify and solve problems for our clients before they become "action
items" that may alter processing schedules.

Each member of the HCTI team has a minimum of twenty years of experience for
system administration, configuration, programming and application design,
hardware support, problem identification and resolution with several members
of our team having more than thirty years of experience with the HP3000. We
manage systems in our client's data center or in ours.

Beyond operating system support, application support including AMISYS,
AMISYS Advance, ManMan, Ecometry and custom systems is available. Support
for third party software on the HP3000 platform, such as job schedulers
(Maestro, JMS, others) Suprtool, MPEX, Security 3000, Fantasia, etc. is
available. We can assist you with server consolidation and provide cold
site, warm site or hot site services as needed.

If you truly need a "turn key" service for system support, please contact us
and we'll work to develop a solution to your business requirements. We also
provide support for HP9000, HP Integrity, Windows and Linux platforms, vpn
solutions and network design and support. Cisco certified network engineers
are also available.

The facilities available are:
commercial computer room/data center installation, downtown San Antonio, TX
located at major North-South-East-West transit for voice and IP traffic
from Florida to California and Mexico/South America to Chicago
building security: key tag entry at building entrance, electronic lock at
computer room security: camera monitored 24x7x365.25
rack space: lockable racks can include alarm monitoring and web cam viewing
electrical: building power in 'downtown loop' that hasn't had a power
in more than 20 years; 110-240 single and triple phase available; DC
generator back up power connections available
air conditioning: in suite monitored and kept at 65-66 24x7x365.25
bandwidth: 1-100Mb available, 1Mb commit minimum, burstable to 100Mb
operator intervention required (use it any time you need it)
connections for DS1 and DS3 available
bandwidth is multi-homed from three providers, routers are using BGP
hosting: your box(es) or ours, based on rack space needed and bandwidth
network monitoring: 24x7x365.25 for traffic, uptime and alarms
data security: Cisco and Linux based VPN connections supported
service level agreements available
site is 10-25 minutes (depending on traffic) from San Antonio Intl. airport
full-time certified electrician available 24x7x365.25

These services are suitable for any companies wishing to comply with
auditor's and SEC requirements for disaster recovery plans, application
hosting or system availability for remote historical records access. Long
term plans available, terms from 1 to 5 years with renewals. Client and/or
auditor site visits welcomed.

For further information and to discuss your company's specific requirements,
please contact:

Matthew Perdue
Hill Country Technologies, Inc.
PO Box 460091
San Antonio TX 78246-0091
210-579-1700 fax

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