Jim writes:

> We are replacing all of our well worn HP LaserJets, of various marks and
> models, with three Lexmark T632s. I have got the test printer working
> with Linux and with MS-Windows but I am having a problem with getting the
> HP3000 to print to it.

The problem is almost certainly the fact that your printer doesn't have an HP
network interface card in it. The HP3000 doesn't talk to non-HP network
cards. We have a large number of "foreign" printers here, and we have hadto
put external HP JetDirect EX Plus print server boxes in front of all themin order
to get them to work. In fact, we've even had to do it for some older HP

The external JetDirect box acts as an intermediary. It connects to your LAN's
RJ45 connector and to the printer via a Centronics parallel interface.

However, even this is not guaranteed to work. We've recently been buying
Xerox 6180 color lasers to replace our LaserJets, and I've done everything I
can think of to make them work with the HP3000, but no joy. They've done
something so that this solution no longer works, although it has worked
extremely well with all of the older versions of the Xerox color lasers, so be
warned. There may be no solution.

Wirt Atmar

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