We recently made a change to a*Fantasia form and during the development and testing the new form printed okay on the printer in the IT area. But when the form was installed in the production environment, when the form is printed, the template of the form prints okay but all the data that is mergedinto the form prints as small black squares. The usual finger pointing is going on between networks, printer support and the form being bad. But if we can get it to print on at least one printer, how can the form be "bad". All printers are networked in npconfig and there are som many different models of printers involved it's hard to get the configurations to match, especially on the remote officce where the problem first surfaced.
Has anyone using Fantasia run into this problem or have any ides about what we should look at?*
*John Bawden
Homestead3000 Consulting
MPE Forever

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