My condolences to you on your loss....

Some lower-end boxes do appear on eBay from time to time so that is be
one place you should look.


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Wow - what a blast the past couple weeks have been. I have fallen in
love with this little HP3K.
I've been coming home from work and playing with, learning and having a
grand old time.
Even running RPG programs on it. Great fun!

Unfortunately, due to unforseen hardware problems, I now have no HP3K to
play with...
I only had 12 days to enjoy this wonderful machine.

A small metal part was stessed during the time it was being shipped to
me. The stress was not quite enough to break it off, but only just. It
*almost* separated during shipping. The heat of being turned on pretty
much continuously here caused this part to come loose.

With it loose in there, strange things began to happen, and then I went
to reseat the cards in the hope that would elminiate the problem... oh

I didn't see the little bugger and when I applied power - most of the
magic smoke escaped.

More seriously, there appears to be significant electrical damage to the
SCSI and Ethernet parts of the main I/O card, and it also blew a
Fast/Wide SCSI adapter in there. Incidentally, it took out a storage
controller on a small disk array too!

The poor valiant machine had the heart to go on, but it just didn't
survive the rough ride with UPS. It has died before its time- at the
valiant young age of 17. Far too young indeed!

So- if anyone out there has a machine they are looking to sell... I am
in the market. Doesn't need to be fast, powerful, or even particularly
good looking.


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