Paul writes:

> You guys seem to be hosting out of some company in Colorado? I get some
> nutty routing to there from down here in Austin. I expected it to routevia
> QWest but it went through some AT&T routing nightmare. At least, itdid
> from here. I was coming from a TWTC network and they do peer with
> QWest.
> The site came up okay from here though, and looks very cool.

Qwest is our ISP but not our webhosting organization. Verio (an NTT company)
hosts our commercial webpages in Washington, DC, near Dulles airport. That's
the routing that you should have seen.

While my routing originates from Qwest and then immediately flips over toNTT,
yours should had made a more direct path and never touched Qwest.

I do maintain a duplicate, back-up server here locally, on premises. Its IP
address is:

If you look at the route for that server, you'll definitely go through Qwest.

> And thanks for the tip on QCTerm- it is definitely a nice piece of work..

Although I didn't provide the tip, I'm pleased to take the thanks.

Wirt Atmar

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