John Dunlop wrote:

> You really should try and get a good night's sleep! )
> As it happens, what you did for the Firefox (3.0) browser worked a treat.
> It loaded very swiftly and displayed the movie almost immediately.
> It ran through the whole way ok.

Let me apologize for being so long getting back to you. I spent the wholeday
yesterday speaking the Qwest and Verio, my ISP and webhosting

It wound up that the "rattiness" in the network connections that I was
speaking about was due to server congestion, and yesterday, for much of the
day, it got to the point of making the webpage unusable.

That congestion should be completely clear now. In fact, the server works
better than ever now. If you want, try:

> Just one little nitpick, the pictures in the middle with blank white frames
> in between hardly showed. They went from white blank screen to white
> blank screen with only a very brief showing of the frames in between. If
> I hadn't been checking the frames against the pictures below, I would
> have missed these ones.

Those white, intermediate frames are only meant to be 1/2 second each in
length. They're there to simulate a shutter click and are timed to the music.
It's the kind of thing that we artsy-craftsy types do.

Wirt Atmar

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