Yesterday I wrote regarding the problem that some people were having with
the Firefox browser playing the presentation that I had put together:

> I know where the problem is: telling the player where to jump in the MP3 file
> and then asking it to begin playing from there. It simply doesn't always
> work, and I've yet to find a reliable way to get it to do so, that's why
> almost all of the complaints were about FF.

In my previous Javascript code, I had all sorts of status-checking loops to see
if the RealPlayer MP3 player was ready or not, but none of that was working
reliably, as a good many of you found.

Early this morning, at about 4AM, it dawned on me that perhaps the player
had to be completely stopped before it could be repositioned, so I got upand
rewrote the Javascript code in this fashion, getting rid of all of the complex
code and merely adding a DoPause() command before setting the new play

if (player=="RP")

I'm a little flabbergasted, but that seems to have cured the problem. Before,
some of you heard a "pffft" and others heard a whole message about WinAmp
really whipping a llama's ass. Ideally, you should never have heard any of that
material. All of the players need a default MP3 file assigned to them at the
time they're activated, so I used the only really short MP3 file I had laying
around and made it the initialization file:

When things didn't work, that's what you were hearing. But with the DoPause
() added in, you should never hear any part of it now.

And that's the reason that I'm writing: to request another favor. If you had
trouble with Firefox seeing the presentation, I would greatly appreciate it if
you would try again and see how things work now:

BTW, you can see the Javascript source if you want. I broke it into two
halves. All of the page-specific data is transmitted with each page, and you
can see that code by viewing "Page Source," using any browser. The page-
independent, controller function code resides in a .js file downloaded from our

Breaking the code in this way will allow us to continuously evolve and refine
the controller code as time goes on. The page-specific code should stay the

If you bring this .js file up in IE, it will try to execute it, which will do you no
good, but if you do the same in FF, it will show the current code to you on the

If you do test this new version, you might have to press your browser's reload
button after the page is loaded to insure that you have the newest version of
the Javascript code loaded in your machine.

Wirt Atmar

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