Hi All
Ok... finally looking to replace/augment my Minolta SLR (from 1987
and still taking great pics... but not digital)... with something

Current Established Parameters/Criteria:
1. Must be SLR
2. Must be established brand name
3. Should be purchasable in either a "Combo" or Singly
4. Generic Memory Cards usable
5. Able to use "Older" SLR lens (what can I say... want to use
that 200mm lens I bought in 1987!! I'm cheap!!! Hehehe)
6. Price Range: $500-$1000 (including 2+ Lens, shoulder strap
and basics)

Nice to Haves:
1. "Adapter" mounts available to allow old SLR lens to be
"mated" to SLR body

Anyone got some input/recommendations/warnings about what to look

Note this will be a combined B-Day/Christmas/"Name the Holiday for
Gift Giving" Present to myself so.... Not the huge hurry but I figure
the stores are gonna start running the Holiday/Save Us ads so want to
know what to look for

Art "ProxyLand USA" Bahrs
Art Bahrs, CISSP
Security Engineer
Providence Health & Services
Phone: 503-216-2722

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