Quoting donna hofmeister:

"alas, it appears that james has indeed hit a bug in mpe's ftp for mget :-("


"this is NOT something we want to discover this late in mpe's supported life

Yet another plank in the platform giving solid foundation to the position
that HP needs to proceed to turn over responsibility for the continued
"engineered support" for MPE/iX as was stated publicly as HP's commitment on
the HP3000-L and OpenMPE discussion lists.

Mr. McDonald, are you listening? Someone's got to hold HP's feet to the fire
(in this case yours) and I'll provide the torch.

To borrow from Alfredo, it's time to let Cinderella leave home. She's all
grown up (more than 30 years old now) and may need corrective surgery at
times in the future - surgery that HP has already stated HP will not
provide. Band-Aids (nee work arounds) will not suffice - corrective surgery
is sometimes required, nothing less.

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