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I do not believe that t is FPT barking at you but rather MPE itself.
Look at the file name it is trying to save TEST.1.1 and that looks a
lot like filename.group.account. I do not know how to fix this except
to transfer each file separately (get rid of mget) and specify the target
file name as ./TEST.1.1 or what ever you need.

Here is an example (using MPEX) of doing a two-pass process to simulate "mget" with the added ability to (forcefully) store the resulting file in the HFS domain.

If you don't have MPEX, you can use a similar technique for "reading a file" with plain MPE (CI) scripting.

%COMMENT --------------------------------------------------------------
%COMMENT Step # 2: retrieve files from remote.ftp.site
%COMMENT --------------------------------------------------------------
%echo EXITONERROR >ftpcmds
%echo OPEN remote.ftp.site >>ftpcmds
%echo USER userid password >>ftpcmds
%echo CD some/subdirectory >>ftpcmds
%echo ls * ackfiles.temp >>ftpcmds
%echo EXIT >>ftpcmds
%purge ackfiles.temp
%RUN FTP.ARPA.SYS;stdin=ftpcmds
%IF FTPLASTERR = 0 and vefinfo("ackfiles.temp").eof > 0
% echo EXITONERROR >ftpcmds
% echo OPEN remote.ftp.site >>ftpcmds
% echo USER userid password >>ftpcmds
% echo CD some/subdirectory >>ftpcmds
% repeat
% echo get !r ./!r >>ftpcmds
% echo del !r ./!r >>ftpcmds
% forrecs r=ackfiles.temp,old
% echo EXIT >>ftpcmds
% print ftpcmds
% continue
% RUN FTP.ARPA.SYS;stdin=ftpcmds
% showvar ftp@
% comment handle FTP failure here...

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