HP-3000 Systems Discussion wrote:
> Hello 3000 community friends,
> Chris Bartram, our veteran webmaster, reports a break in our
> internet chain. Use this address to read us until the end of
> this week:
> 3000newswire.blogs.com

Actually we're back up much sooner! Kudos to Verizon who actually got a tech
onsite same day!

-Chris Bartram

> He reports, "The guys putting up siding on our house cut our
> fiber optic line so the FIOS is down until Verizon can get
> out there to run a new cable (may be as late as Thursday
> afternoon but we're hoping for earlier).
> In the meantime our home phones, email, and web servers are
> all offline
> Alas, until Verizon repairs the fiber line, our '96-05
> archives will be offline too. Sorry for the inconvenience!
> Best always,
> Ron Seybold
> 3000 NewsWire

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