Quoting James B. Byrne (in part):

"Given the choice, would anyone here prefer to be operated on by a surgeon
that has just risen from a refreshing eight hour sleep, or one starting hour
23 of a 24 hour shift? Why should anyone ever have to accept less than the
absolute best care that can be provided?"

Having gone through back surgery last year, this hits home with me in
particular. Just before being wheeled in for surgery, since it was late in
the afternoon and my surgeon had been doing surgery since at least 9:00AM, I
asked how he felt - tired? He said he was at the peak of his day - having
already done several surgeries before mine, his fingers were "all warmed up"
and ready to go - I was his last surgery for the day. He said he schedules
relatively easy surgeries in the morning, more complex cases in the
afternoon and likes to end up with a "slam dunk" for the last surgery of the
day. Mine was a single disc extraction and fusion, so not too complicated.
I've been extremely pleased with the results, so I can only say in complete
agreement that after performing thousands of these operations, he knows what
he's doing.

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