Hello everyone

Some time ago, i've been interested in creating "automatically
compressed libraries" for HP48, because one of my target softwares was
becoming quite huge for the calculator.

Although i've read many times that such a thing is possible with HP49,
probably thanks to MetaKernel, I could not find any equivalent for
Well, maybe i did not looked hard enough, but in the end, i did
produced a Library Builder tool for this purpose.
It's named MkLibZ, because it is based on MkLib from Detlef Muller.

You can download it here :

As far as i've been using it, it seems to work fine with the latest
version (v0.4c).
Therefore, I'm looking to some volunteers, in order to test its limits
beyond what i've been able to do up to now.

Is any HP48 user interested ?