The new version 4.0 of HLP49 is now on more than 600
detailed and expanded help entries for all the basic (non-CAS)
commands, plus lots more tips and examples, and much larger
entries on plotting. An Appendix now has additional information
on various topics.

Another new feature is the config program that lets you set
features such as Restart on Exit and Uses Port 2. Using Port 2
instead of the SD card lets the program run on the HP49G and all
the 49/50 emulators.
The datafiles for Port 2 are compressed to 150KB (normally
244KB on the SD card).

It now runs on the HP49G, 49G+, 50G, and their emulators. It's
too big for the HP48GII and there's still no version for the
older HP48.

It's in the HP49 section in Apps/Misc, and you can download it

Hope you like it,