> Hello,
> I acquired a LT6000r. It is now working. Here is the problem:
> The system will only boot up with the FPC disconnected. With the FPC
> connected, the system will receive power and after a while start
> blinking the yellow light.
> The system will not even start the recovery procedure (JP2) with the FPC
> on so that leaves me unable to flash all components to a decent BIOS
> state. The FPC reports version B.10.41.
> With the FPC disconnected, the system boots fine.
> Any ideas?

quick update:
I was able to get the system back up and tune it to a reasonable max.

What did I do?
I suspected that there was an inconsistent firmware state, i.e. one
component having a firmware version that is incompatible with one of the
others. As you see, FPC version B.10.41 is not included as part of any
of the available LT6000 BIOS revisions.

It turned out this suspicion was right.

I disassembled the FPC (the panel built into the door) and found a
PLCC32 flash chip from Winbond. It's a W29C020(CP90B). I downloaded the
most recent BIOS disk image from HP and created the floppy disk. I made
a backup of the chip with a flash programmer. On the floppy disk, you
can find which file to flash by reading the inf file. I flashed the FPC
firmware, assembled everything and voila, it's working.