On Mon, 4 Aug 2008 11:42:27 EDT, Brian Donaldson wrote:

>In a message dated 8/3/2008 11:15:40 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
>Guenter.Kuhn@ssd-it.ch writes:
>use HPFopen to open input spoolfiles with the following options:
>2: Formal File Designator %Innn.IN.HPSPOOL%
>3: Domain: 1 (permanent)
>9: Dissallow file: 1
>29: Priv-Level: 2
>works perfectly since many years. If you work with input spoolfile
>Nice try but it won't work for me. My problem isn't the FOPEN, it's the
>FREAD that isn't reading the
>records... The file is being FOPENed ok but the FREAD is failing.
>However, as my program is riddled with calls to FOPEN, mixing and matching
>is a *big* no-no. Why?
>Because, as I discovered many eons ago, FOPEN and HPFOPEN can return the
>SAME file number on
>different files!! OUCH!
>I don't know if HP ever fixed this problem, but I doubt it and if it hasn't
>been fixed, then I doubt they ever will
>fix it now.........
>Life in the fast lane......

This rang a bit of a bell so I searched the archives. According to the
following messages, HPFOPEN is required to read input spool files.


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Edward Berner

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