I've been playing with this issue now for quite a while and am stumped as
to the solution. I hope someone out there can assist me with this problem..

Trying to read the files in IN.HPSPOOL with no success....

I do a call to GETPRIVMODE first (successful)

Then I do an FOPEN which is successful (returns file num = +0011)

My FOPEN uses the FOPTIONS returned by AIFFILEGGET (item 5012)

The AIF call was successful and gave me the FOPTIONS +000011333
which I then ran thru the BITMAPCNV utility and I got the bitmap value

The foptions are: perm file, ascii, actual designator=formal designator,
variable length, no cctl, no labeled tapes, disallow file equation, NM spoolfile

I set my AOPTIONS to %345 (read access, share access, dynamic locking, all
other aoptions are the default).

There are seven records in the input spoolfile I was trying to look at.

My very first FREAD hits C-C > zeroes (EOF) and is not reading the records.

Can anyone tell me why I cannot read the records in the file?


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