The "OLD HPWAY" has hair on it it's so old...

There are pockets of good HP support like if you want to renew support, however suspenders went out a long time ago as well :-)

HP stands for Hollow Promise

>From: Michael
>Date: 2008/07/23 Wed PM 01:07:44 EDT
>Subject: Re: [HP3000-L] Job not responding...

>In the old days ( < 1990 ) HP Support would have done a better job, the
>fact that you have Glance on your system, and HP on the phone, and they
>told you to reboot is ridiculous! If after some analysis of your system,
>without any results, and if HP recommends a shutdown, the old HP way
>would have you do a memory dump for further analysis. Back then there
>was never an HP support call that ended with "Oh well, reboot", that
>thinking came out of the wonderful world of Windows, and is what they
>teach in college today.
>My $0.03,
>Olav Kappert wrote:
>> Rao:
>> Maybe a deadlock situation. Maybe the use of a message file that is
>> empty. Could be waiting upon a console reply.
>> So many possibilities, so little time, well it's to late now to be sure.
>> Regards, Olav.
>> Rao, Raghu wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> We had a strange situation last night.. We are a Health Plan using
>>> Amisys software (not Amisys Advance). Our production box is a Hp3k N4000
>>> series..
>>> One of the claims payment extract job which has been running fine so far
>>> from past 8 yrs, now all of sudden dies.. It was supposed to run for
>>> maximum 3 hours and kept on running for 8 hours. When I logged in at
>>> about 2:30 AM to view this job, there were no production jobs running at
>>> that time other than this hung job and our other regular system jobs.
>>> This hung job gets displayed on SHOWJOB command on the MPE prompt,
>>> however on GLANCE it shows 0% CPU time. This hung jobs did not respond
>>> to any commands. We aborted the job using regular ABORTJOB command and
>>> no response. The job still shows EXEC state. We tried ABORTPROC and it
>>> says that an abort is already pending on this job. We kept trying for 2
>>> hours to get any response from this job and it was totally hung and
>>> non-responsive.
>>> Then we finally called HP at about 5:45 AM to figure out if they have
>>> any special ABORT JOB commands to kill this job. Their feedback was to
>>> SIMPLY REBOOT the machine, which was kind of surprising to us. But we
>>> had no other choice (as this job was one of our core jobs doing claims
>>> payment processing). We went ahead with the REBOOT which finally knocked
>>> off that job.
>>> But we are clueless as to what happened to this job... The job run
>>> STDLIST show blank after 8:12 PM. No other logs are showing anything
>>> positive. We investigated 4 production claims which this job could
>>> possibly be accessing at that particular moment when this job got hung,
>>> but further testing on those claims this morning revealed nothing
>>> fishy..
>>> Has anyone been through this deadlock before ? Any tips, pointers, etc
>>> would be really appreciated..
>>> Thanks and best regards.
>>>> Raghu Rao
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