In the old days ( < 1990 ) HP Support would have done a better job, the
fact that you have Glance on your system, and HP on the phone, and they
told you to reboot is ridiculous! If after some analysis of your system,
without any results, and if HP recommends a shutdown, the old HP way
would have you do a memory dump for further analysis. Back then there
was never an HP support call that ended with "Oh well, reboot", that
thinking came out of the wonderful world of Windows, and is what they
teach in college today.

My $0.03,

Olav Kappert wrote:
> Rao:
> Maybe a deadlock situation. Maybe the use of a message file that is
> empty. Could be waiting upon a console reply.
> So many possibilities, so little time, well it's to late now to be sure.
> Regards, Olav.
> Rao, Raghu wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We had a strange situation last night.. We are a Health Plan using
>> Amisys software (not Amisys Advance). Our production box is a Hp3k N4000
>> series..
>> One of the claims payment extract job which has been running fine so far
>> from past 8 yrs, now all of sudden dies.. It was supposed to run for
>> maximum 3 hours and kept on running for 8 hours. When I logged in at
>> about 2:30 AM to view this job, there were no production jobs running at
>> that time other than this hung job and our other regular system jobs.
>> This hung job gets displayed on SHOWJOB command on the MPE prompt,
>> however on GLANCE it shows 0% CPU time. This hung jobs did not respond
>> to any commands. We aborted the job using regular ABORTJOB command and
>> no response. The job still shows EXEC state. We tried ABORTPROC and it
>> says that an abort is already pending on this job. We kept trying for 2
>> hours to get any response from this job and it was totally hung and
>> non-responsive.
>> Then we finally called HP at about 5:45 AM to figure out if they have
>> any special ABORT JOB commands to kill this job. Their feedback was to
>> SIMPLY REBOOT the machine, which was kind of surprising to us. But we
>> had no other choice (as this job was one of our core jobs doing claims
>> payment processing). We went ahead with the REBOOT which finally knocked
>> off that job.
>> But we are clueless as to what happened to this job... The job run
>> STDLIST show blank after 8:12 PM. No other logs are showing anything
>> positive. We investigated 4 production claims which this job could
>> possibly be accessing at that particular moment when this job got hung,
>> but further testing on those claims this morning revealed nothing
>> fishy..
>> Has anyone been through this deadlock before ? Any tips, pointers, etc
>> would be really appreciated..
>> Thanks and best regards.
>>> Raghu Rao

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