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, John
Dunlop writes
>Denys, you said :
>> If you believe in change from Obama, you will be rewarded as that is
>>all you will have in your pockets if he's elected.

>> Speaking of which, today's drop in the oil prices once again
>>illustrate how utterly ignorant Lord Obama is. Just talking about
>>drilling, never mind doing something concrete about it like getting
>>Congress to giving permission to drill, caused the price to drop
>>immediately. Lord Obama is such an empty suit, it's unbelievable.

>You really should come off the fence and declare for one side or the
>other, Denys. )
>It's really quite amusing when you call people "infants" and then
>persist in making up all kinds of puerile names for people.

Ahh, don't knock Denys for this - it gives me a warm glow of nostalgia.

As the last time I heard such name-calling, I was in short trousers, in
the schoolyard. Infants school, funnily enough.
Roy Brown 'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be
Kelmscott Ltd useful, or believe to be beautiful' William Morris

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