Some of these emails have been very Spirited.

I have to chuckle at some of the Political arguments from both sides.

A couple things I have noted:

Gas wasn't $4.50 a gallon when the Republicans had control of the House and
Senate, so there was no need to lift the ban on off-shore drilling. Now it's in
the Democratically controlled Congress to ok the Presidents lift of the offshore
drilling ban lift.

I think most Americans at that time were content to import oil from somewhere
else, it was better to have the drilling on their soil instead of ours.

Democrats do tend to tax (as promised by Obama) and Reduce the Military.

Republicans do tend to overspend, Increase the Military.

War is not a good thing, but when you are the big dog, and 3 planes crash
into your soil when we are at NOT at war, I think you have to do something.
We removed a terroist from power in a very volatile region. Hundreds of
thousands of innocents died under that rule, what makes you think that he
wouldn't go through with his threats to annialate the "Infidel America" the first
chance he got. I don't know what happened to the WMD's, but when we
voted to invade, everyone saw the same data.

President Bush has become the Fall Guy for many things, but let's keep inmind
that we haven't been attacked, and the War is over there, not on our
doorstep. Why is the price of oil his fault?

I live in Alaska. Let's drill in ANWR, we know there is oil there, and one of the
greatest success stories we have had as far as drilling/exploration/production
has been the trans-Alaska pipeline. ANWR is one big giant Wetlands/swamp,
but it is the Holy-Grail for Environmentalists.

The biggest crude oil deposit in the world is in the Rocky Mountains shale, but
we cannot extricate it from the ground due to our Environmental Impact rules.

Right now Pakistan is a haven/training ground for these terroists. Iran is
threatening just about everyone. When a barrel of crude goes down, the
Iranian threats make it go right back up. Just the announcement of offshore
drilling ban lift, made it drop $9 dollars.

I bounced around quite a bit, but as I said "some of the things I have noted".

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