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Probably old news ... but haven't seen anyone mentioning it... This
is of interest as relating to the new requirements regarding data loss
prevention (DLP) which pretty much all nations now have in place or are
putting in place...

Ok... so I am a CyberTechnoGeek with delusions of Paranoia... but
that doesn't mean I don't get paid to think this way hehehe

--Former HP Executive Pleads Guilty to Passing IBM Trade Secrets.
(July 12, 2008)
Atul Malhotra pleaded guilty before the San Jose District Court to one
count of theft of trade secrets. His sentencing is scheduled for
October 29th where he could face up to 10 years in jail and a fine of up
to US $250,000. While as a director in IBM's global services department,
Malhotra received a report containing "Trade Secret" information on
IBM's calibration metrics. Each page in the report was marked "IBM
Confidential". In May 2006, two months after receiving the report,
Malhotra moved to Hewlett Packard as vice president of imaging and
printing services. In late July of that year Malhotra sent an email to
a HP senior vice president with an attachment containing the IBM
calibration metrics document. He also sent the same document to another
HP senior vice president. Upon discovering the nature of the document,
HP reported the incident to both IBM and law enforcement. According to a
HP statement ""The activity with which Malhotra is charged was in direct
violation of clear HP policies, including HP Standards of Business
[Editor's Note (Northcutt) I know the bad press over Kevin Hunsaker and
pretexting sullied HP's reputation, but talk to any long time employee
and you'll learn that this is a company that tries hard to do the right
thing. I have included a link as a pretexting reminder and also HP's own
Ethics page. They did the right thing here and are to be commended!
http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/ethics/ ]

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