Another point to consider on the MSG files is that, if you do have MSG
files, and you are reading them via your search for JOB files, then
you're very likely destroying some data in those MSG files that was
intended for some other process to read.

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You might consider ;END=1 instead of ;RECNUM=1 on the print/search
command -- effectively this should be the same, but I suspect that
RECNUM forces a positional read vs. a serial read that stops after the
first record (a subtle difference...)

Also, as mentioned in the thread, watch out for message (MSG) files --
an "empty" file will cause the reader (in this case MPEX) to hang until
a message is written. You can include the keyword ;COPYACCESS to cause
MPEX to open message files in a way that won't hang, or exclude message
files altogether (since it is highly unlikely that you'll have a
jobstream in a message file...)

Other things to consider:

* jobs that don't start with !JOB -- remember, the "!" character can
be overridden at submission time
* Embedded jobs (job A streamx job B) - the "job" card certainly won't
be on line 1...
* STREAMX or other third-party job pre-processor commands BEFORE the
JOB card
* DATA streams [probably quite rare...]
* programmatically submitted jobs (i.e., created "on-the-fly")

Do you have VEAUDIT? [Usually VEsoft provides a demo on every install,
and if it has expired, it's fairly easy to get them to activate the
demo] I believe there is a VEaudit report of exactly what you are
looking for

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Subject: [HP3000-L] Finding stream job signons

Does anyone know of a command, or commands, I could use to find all
stream jobs on our HP3000 system? I want to search the jobs to find all
signons that are used in stream jobs.

I'm using the MPEX print command to search the system for any file that
has "!JOB" in the first record, but it's taking a very long time (more
than 24 hours). This is the command I'm using:


I was using PRINT @.@.@, but it kept getting hung up on device files in
the SYS account and files with lockwords in them, so I changed it to
search accounts and groups where I know there are stream jobs. However,
I'd like to really search the entire system to find any jobs outside of
my current search criteria.

The JLERPT file isn't filling up, because right now, there are 1814
records in it, and the limit is 100000 records.

We have a lot of files in our HFS directories, and I think that is
what's contributing to the problem. Account names have been changed to
protect the innocent.



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