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From: Michael

English, Jim wrote:
> Does anyone know of a command, or commands, I could use to find all
> stream jobs on our HP3000 system? I want to search the jobs to find all
> signons that are used in stream jobs.

Your process is probably hung on a messages file, similar to a 'tail -f'
waiting for I/O to complete.


In MPEX, use the command


The first time it will show you lots of information; on the second and subsequent commands, it shows what changed since the last time (due to the ;CHANGE keyword) The ;FORMAT=FILES will show exactly which file the command is searching at the time. If you're on the SAME file time after time, you're hung on a message file. (I believe it also shows the EOF, which should be at zero...)

You could also use ;FILES=, and this avoids all the system/overhead/intrinsic files opened by the process...

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