On Mon, 7 Jul 2008 11:49:53 -0700, "Hoxsie, Howard"

> The open media of old no longer exists, and we are much the worse for it,
> in my opinion.

And what, pray tell, open media would that be; the creative fiction
empires of Hurst and Pulitzer or those of Thomson and Murdoch? The
"NEWS", ever since the first popular press in the early 1700s, has always
been subjective, exaggerated, and often outright fabricated. Prior to WWI
many of the "letters to the editor" in the London Times were written by
staffers. The whole edifice of the media is raised in a swamp of deceit.

Humans posses a deep seated and irrepressible desire to live vicariously
those occurrences in life which pose too great a risk or expense to
experience personally. The NEWS is one of the ways that desire is feed,
if not satiated. The wonder is that there is anything of value contained
therein at all.

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