In my capacity of maintaining the website, I had a request
from Mark Dawber asking if I could add his site to my HP3000 links. His
site is at I couldn't find any reference to HP3000s
on his site so I initially refused to add him. However, he sent me the
following response :

"Thanks for the response. I appreciate the position but we work on many
platforms and try not to become too centric on a specific brand.
As an example if you look at the FireControl project here in the UK we
are the key technology which will bring together all of the 47 control
centres and get them working on HP kit.
Where we stand for example on the e3000 is we can sit around the OpenVMS
and clone the behaviour of the application. As such we can then take the
application and quickly ake it to HP9000 or in fact any other target

If this fits let me know but we are not platform dependent."

The technology he offers appears to be different from anything previously
offered to provide migration from the HP3000.

If anyone feels that there is merit in the HP3000 field for this
technology, I would be happy to add the link.


John Dunlop

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