Hello John and All
While I am not a political scientist... I find it interesting that once
again we are hearing that by the end of January 2009 everything will be
right once again with mankind...

War will be no more... all American military personnel will be brought
home and no one anywhere will be trying to take someone else's stuff away
from them...

Gas prices will be back to the Clinton era prices and open job slots will
exceed the available workforce so unemployment will only be those who choose
not to work...

I don't understand the gas price issue... I see the companies making
record levels of profits while saying their materials and manufacturing
costs are rising (I would think the profit levels would remain constant if
that were the case?? Increased cost of manufacture equal to increase in
price?) (btw... maybe someone can help me on this one... after all I did go
to public schools hehehe)

Please remember a few details...

Congress could have brought home US troops long ago had they chosen to...
the President can send 'em somewhere but Congress keeps them there...

The President recommends a budget ... Congress approves it...

The economy isn't the President's fault... it is a lot of forces... The
Mortgage crisis? Wait... it couldn't be the people who took loans without
considering what the future might bring? It couldn't be people trying to
buy far more house than they could afford? Nah...

The stock market? I am only now approaching the end of my 45th year
(according to all the 3 letter agencies who granted me my various clearances
over the years)... but even I remember the talk of the 2000 pt DOW being
impossible to break... now we have seen 12,000!!!

Whether the next President is McCain or Obama... some things will get better
and some will get worse... there will still be troops in Iraq, Afganistan,
and Haiti (Clinton sent them there early in his first administration)...
Natural disasters will hit other countries and the US will help out...
Natural Disasters will hit the US... Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes,
Volcanoes (Mt St Helens anyone!) and no one will help us... but the
President will be the reason for all these things... regardless of who it

Just a few comments... but remember... Congress is in control of approving
all the things that our fine country does... and both Obama and McCain have
been in Congress for awhile... and what did they do there?

Art "puttering on the house" Bahrs

Art Bahrs, CISSP

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What a glorious, poignant and succinct expose of the Bush years.

I loved it. It said everything I was thinking and more.

No doubt those in heavy denial, e.g. Denys, will nitpick about some slight
innaccuracy or other but overall it had me rotfl.

I can't wait for Obama to get into the White House and start righting the

Maybe Denys will refrain from throwing out his troll-like statements for a


John Dunlop

P.s. No doubt also that Denys will come back with some sarcastic comments
about the UK or Europe to make himself feel better.

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