Recent motorcycle trip to the Arctic Circle in the Yukon Territory of
Canada from Yorktown, VA
10,416 miles round trip.
A little over $1,400 in gas I don't have the gallon count here at the
office, but I was in the 33mpg range for the trip. Remember I ride a
big bike (1500cc) and I wasn't dilly-dally'n around. Too many miles to
go and a strictly limited time to do it.
Highest price per gal paid: $6.50, and I paid that the entire time I was
in the Yukon. I filled up (call it 8 gallons each time) at least 8
times while in the Yukon. I really enjoyed my time in the 'far north',
but my wallet was glad to get back south.

Terry W. Simpkins
Director ISIT
Measurement Specialties

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