I would be more inclined to agree if the FBI had not lied
to Congress about the type of tear gas they used.

If I had lied to Congress, I would expect to face some
jail time. Not so with FBI officials. The law enforcers
appear to be above the law they are sworn to uphold.

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 11:21:46 -0500, Jerry Fochtman

>Sorry, but I disagree. The death of all the children in Waco was also a
>choice of the parents who died
>as well, including the followers who were shooting at the fireman which
>hindered their ability to help with
>the fire. So I don't feel that the FBI is solely to blame.... choices
>were made on both sides that in
>hindsight, may have been the wrong decisions, resulting in a tragedy.

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