--- On Wed, 6/11/08, I wrote:

>I like your idea - basically eliminating professional
>politicians. What about term limits?

Craig replied:

>Senator Kennedy is the poster child for term limits.

I responded:

>I thought that slot would be held by Sen. Robert C.
>Byrd, D. West Virginia.

Craig replied:

Ok, I'll give you that. How about we settle on the entire class of 07?

Each year the entire Senate "cast of characters" stands on the
Senate steps outside the Capital for a group portrait.
There you go - ready made poster. The government printing office probably
has one that can be ordered online. If not, I'm sure one of your State's
Senators will be happy to provide one in some way, maybe even signed!

Of course I don't want to paint with too broad a brush - there are a few
good ones in the crowd somewhere - "Kay Bailey" as we call her in these
parts - she should be the first woman President and... she's from Texas.

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