Craig asks:

does anyone know a quick way to crash the 3k?
Any suggestions?
I have the source code to an SPL program, a very small SPL program that
originally granted the person running it all the capabilities available
(SM,AM, etc.). It probably was the forerunner of GOD.PUB.VESOFT without the
added console commands you get when you run that program.

It's for the MPE/V systems and of course does not run correctly on MPE/iX
systems because the tables, among many other things, were changed.

If I remember correctly, the last time I ran it on a system running MPE/iX
it caused a system abort, which is of course why it was the last time I ran

I can send you the source (once I locate it) or the compiled version (once I
locate that too).

Or you could try the approach of a programmer at a former client's site - he
had the habit of building enormous tables in his cobol program to load tens
of thousands of members instead of processing them in files. Where he got
this habit I have no idea. One day he modified the program to make larger
tables as he needed to load a larger group of members. Well, he ran the
program in a job and within about 3 or so seconds of the job starting, the
system halted. About 200 users were left with a "what the hell happened"
look on their faces.

So you can try:
1) running old PM mode programs from older OS versions
2) write a cobol program with enormous internal tables
3) something else

Let me know if you'd like me to start looking up that old PM code....

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