Dave and all-

Although we do not have a presence in the LA market, we do have 6 offices
in the Midwest and support several A boxes, so my points are valid for

1. Parts are easily available. We have 2 warehouses full of them.

2. The A box has proven to be ultra-reliable.

3. There are many companies in So Cal who offer HP 3000 support. You'll
have many offers when you throw it open for bids.

4. My company now supports the Sun platform also, so we're less dependent
on the HP 3000 as a source of revenue. So even as the 3000s slowly go
away, we're still profitably in business supporting them as long as one of
our customers needs us to. I suspect other third party support companies
are doing the same, or if they're smart they are.

5. Your current system is so simple it's beautiful. I'm pretty certain
that your next system won't be nearly as neat, clean and reliable. Maybe
I'm old school, but if it ain't broke... Why not wait until you HAVE to
switch platforms, and then get the latest and greatest.

Let me know if you have other questions.


John Lee
Vaske Computer Solutions
Edina, MN

We sell, service, support and integrate HP and Sun, new and old, since
1988. We now offer professional training in Solaris, VMWare, and Linux in
both our MN and Chicago training centers.

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