They're going to have to do more than dust off the computer. I suspect this
is the same thing I saw with a 918 at a client site in Silicon Valley when I
replaced two disc drives and the tape drive. When I opened the box, there
was almost no air flow into the machine as it looked like a PM hadn't ever
been done - there were "dust blobs" attached to the inside of the air
intake, lodged in all parts of the power supply, on various parts on the
circuit boards, etc.

Normally you'd want to use forced air to blow that stuff out, but the only
thing available was a vacuum, so that's what was used. About 30 minutes
later, the box was ready to put back together. I've never seen that dusty of
a machine. It wasn't having problems with overtemp warnings, but I suspect
it soon would have.

Your client's box may have a component going out, but I'd suspect vastly
reduced air flow too.

Quoting Greg Terterian:

One of my customers have 918 that has been giving 'High temp-overheating'
message and the system goes down (actually it just keep saying the same
over and over and does not let anyone to do anything).
After bringing the system down for couple of hours, it comes back and its
for couple of hours, then it starts again. The computer is located in air
conditioned room and its 73 in the office. The system is being frequently
dusted off, so that might not be the problem...
Will it be the power supply problem or is there some kind of senser
somewhere that is giving the problem?
Any kind of hint will help a lot and will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot

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