I've always been exceedingly proud to be a native Texan, but today, I
hang my head in shame, disgust and anger. Texas is/was a place for
families, but what's happened in West Texas smacks of Stalinism!!

I don't understand that much about the FLDS, and I don't agree with some
of their beliefs (and some of the practices like underage or forced
marriage should be stopped), but that DOESN'T MAKE THEM ALL CRIMINALS!!

We Texans have ripped 437 innocent children from their parents on what
may turn out to be a prank phone call, however, even if the phone call
were true, we should have went after the criminal - not innocent
children and parents!!!

These 437 kids' and their parent's lives are, at the moment, destroyed,
and it's a certainty that their lives will be forever changed by this
event. Imagine someone taking your kids away, and your brother's kids,
and your uncles kids, and sending them to a foster home hundreds of
miles away, and their's nothing you can do about it?!

We Texans could have put an overseer into the compound to both insure
safety, and to do investigations on the supposed crimes(s), or we could
have removed the males from the compound while we did more
investigations, but instead, we have heartlessly punished the children
by tearing them from their parents/siblings, and all that they know and
love. What's next? Do we go after the Mennonites and the Amish?

I can only imagine the horror these parents must feel not knowing what's
to become of their children - not being able to comfort their children,
and give them hugs and kisses goodnight, and my heart is truly broken
when I think of those 437 children who will be in some foster home or
group home among people/places/things they are unfamiliar with, they'll
be frightened, confused, and longing for the love and security that can
only come from family.

It's truly a sad time for Texas and the U.S., and I, for one, will keep
trying to remember that we are a nation founded on the principle that
you are innocent until proven guilty, and that we do not punish children
for the sins of their parents!!!!!


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Life is not a journey to the grave with the
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