Quoting John Dunlop:

Thank you for all your contributions to the HP3000 world, Mark. They have
been very significant. It's such a shame that all the experience and
expertise gained over the years will become useless.

Now that Mark and Jeff have gone..is there anyone actually left at HP who
knows what an HP3000 is? (and I don't mean a Netserver!).
I add my thanks to you Mark. For me and my clients your most important
contribution that is used 24x7x365.25 is apache. I can't thank you enough.
Your work on apache, like MPE/iX itself, enables us to run our businesses -
as close as one can get to "not a care in the world" about the computers
running their database applications. Days, weeks or even months can go by
without issue. That's the stability of MPE/iX. Thanks goes to hundreds of
others that have made their contributions over the past 30+ years, too many
to name here.

For those still in HP, I can think of a few, without intending to cast
dispersions on those not cited, and in no particular order: Jeff Bandle,
James Hofmeister, Jenny Hou, Craig Fairchild, Alvina Nishimoto... and others
whose names I know but I'm not sure if they're still at HP. Thanks also goes
to the unnamed but not nameless.

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