Just so you all know, there are utilities out there that can replace yourdead
CPU, backplane or system boards that contain your SUSN and modelstring
information. If ever anyone need a replacement for any of the above please
feel free to contact me at sales@cts-hp.com. All that is required is a current
sysinfo listing or a copy of mapper/mapper2 to give/verify the information

For those of you that think you know more, please don't get in my face about
legalities, as we have dealt with HP on these issues before. Like to like
replacement is not breaking any laws, trademarks, or copyright. HP knows
who can do it, how we do it, and has not had any problems with it to date..
To this end, we will not modify non 3000 machines or modify user levels, so
please don't ask. Real CEs (HP or not) have integrity and know how use their
resources properly.

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