On Tue, 1 Apr 2008 08:56:03 -0500, Jerry Fochtman

>Having grown-up in the auto parts business in the northern US, a
>'fender' was a reference to the encloses or covers the wheels, or
>basically the outer covering of the wheel well on the vehicle. I
>believe the English refer to it as a 'wing'. At times, and in the parts
>business, this was also referred to as a 'quarter panel', but most of
>the time as right front fender, or left rear fender, etc..... and that
>how they were listed in the manufacture's parts catelog. The same is
>true when we worked on the
>old Model-T/Model-As:
>2-wheel bicycles also had wheel covers referred to as 'fenders'.... so
>I'm unfamiliar with how front/rear bumpers on cars could have been
>referred to as a vehicle's fender.. yet bikes had wheel covers called

Yes, I was going to say that, too, but I was afraid Wirt would call me
an idiot.

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