Does anyone know if Techpak is still valid software for MPE? (website is The reason I ask is that we had a system board "die" and
when the new one was installed the HPSUSAN number changed. So all 3rd
party software either "died" or went into demo/trial mode or I had to force it
into demo/trial. I have gotten all products back to a permanent status,
except for TechPak. I have called, faxed, and sent postal mail to them.... but
no answer or call back. Joe Alongi was the person that owned Technikl, but
don't know if he still does or if he has died.

Do any of you use Techpak? or know if it's still around?

Please let me know.

PS. Last post about Techpak was from a previous employee (see below)
From: Patrick Santucci
Reply-To: Patrick Santucci
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 11:30:55

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