Glad to see you have plan "C", "QC" that is.

You are correct, the Bill Gates platform is not going away, but with
every new release of the Bill Gates platform, (from Win 3.x, (95/98/me),
2000, XP, and now Vista) end users and developers experience something
similar to a blind man having his furniture rearranged.

Right now there are many companies that need to start planning another
massive project to migrate everyone to Vista, training users and help
desk staff, checking all required applications, making sure they running
properly and so on. It is a massive undertaking. As for management
making the choice to run M$, they expect these things, and budget for
them, right?

Bills plan, and he doesn't care how much of the life-blood he sucks from
all the organizations of the world, his intent is to suck as much as he
can. He's been doing this since the early 1970,s and many companies have
followed his example. Bill is a marketing genius, who invented this
"Repurchasing Marketing model", where you sell problems disguised as
solutions, and then solutions to the problems that happen to contain new
problems, and the new version must be purchased to get the fixes to the
problems in the last version that you purchased. I believe that the Bill
Gates marketing model relates to the demise of the HP3000, and MPE,
because the MPE platform, no matter what, was designed to keep working
for years without change or repurchase.

Other than the above, Windows is a great product.

Michael Anderson,
J3k Solutions
Sr.Systems Programmer/Analyst

Wirt Atmar wrote:
> When HP killed the HP3000 in 2001 we had about 500 customers for
> QueryCalc, the graphics report writer we'd written for IMAGE and the HP3000.
> The first question I asked myself wasn't what do we do now? Rather it was, if
> we were going to rebuild QueryCalc, who do I trust?
> After a few days thought, I decided that the only person I truly trusted any
> longer to maintain his platform was Bill Gates. Backend servers have now
> become interchangeable and unidentifiable, thus I certainly didn't want to
> become too entangled with any single server vendor again. But the PCs are
> obviously different. Although there are an enormous number of PC
> manufacturers, there's really only one system, and I very much believe in Bill's
> plans for World Domination. Because of that belief, the newest version of
> QueryCalc, which we now call QCReports, was translated onto the PC.

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