At 06:44 PM 3/30/2008, Craig Lalley wrote:

>Shawn Gordon wrote:
>Something you might want to
>look in to is hooking up to Microsoft Navision. It just uses SQL
>Server on the back end, but it reminds me of speedware in terms of
>how it insulates you from the design of the database (not necessarily
>a good thing).
>I believe Microsoft changed the name of Navision to Axapta, and I
>agree, it reminded me of Speedware as well.

no, there are two different versions, AX is for super large scale
stuff, but microsoft has renamed it a bunch of times, then added
stuff to the "Dynamics" suite that are apps that don't really have to
do with each other but because of branding you initially think they
do. The Navision stuff was originally acquired about 10 years ago
from some Icelandic software company I think and they had their own
DBMS as well, it's only in recent years that SQL Server was an
option. The programming language reminds me of Delphi really, but
they way they deal with variable declaration is funky as hell, but I
will say that at a fairly reasonable cost, you can put together a
hell of a system, full on erp, wms, pos, shipping, credit card
processing, etc..



Shawn Gordon

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