Well, the office is almost empty. Thanks to the suggestions of some kind listers, I have even found some elementary schools who wanted my 132 col continuous form paper. I hate throwing out stuff that I know someone can use - our buster - a big machine that cuts the continuous form - is going to a broker in WI - sending it free - even packing it for him - he pays the shipping. This was $20,000 or so in 1990. That's technology....

I would have hated taking it to a scrap dealer - weighs over 500 lbs - guess not many print on continuous forms anymore...

The HP3000 is going to Hampton VA (just south of Norfolk I think) while the printer is going to a school in the Bay Area.

Even found a place for the custom desks that my father had made 40 years ago - black walnut.

Thank you for all of have responded - I'll be staying on the HP3000 list just to talk HP3000.

This morning I purged (is that :PURGE?) the Brandt Acct after 32 years - over a series 30, 42 and finally 917/LX. As I did it I had to tell the HP what a good job he (she?) did all those years.


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