Gehan Gehale wrote: I think another republican
administration would bring us pretty close to collapse too, we can't take 4
more years of corruption and corporate welfare.


You act as if there is a difference in corruption and corporate welfare when
the democrats were in charge.

I am convinced, with a nation of 300 million people, if the current
candidates are the best we got, we are in a LOT of trouble.

Put me down for;

C) None of the above

Wasn't there a movie about a character that changed his name to "none of the
above" and ran for public office, and won?

It would be interesting if "none of the above" were on the ballots, and if
"n-o-t-a" won, everything would start over. Of course the Democrats this
year gave us the two year election cycle by starting less than one month
after the 2006 Congressional elections - thanks sooooooooo much - I for one
am looking forward to December 2008 but dread the aftermath of the first
Tuesday in November - no matter who gets elected (or for certain folks,

On a side note, the Democrat's wish to get rid of the electoral college this
year, or any year, has about as much chance as a snowball's chance in hell.
The smaller states (by population) will never give up the one mechanism that
puts them on a level playing field with the larger states in the
presidential election process.

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