I had a private communication from Wirt some months ago in which he said hedoesn't post to the list because of some incompatibility between his emailclient and the listserver. He has occasionally asked others to post remarks on his behalf. Who knows - he might still surface in the course of thisdiscussion.


P.S. Yes, I know there are numerous places Wirt could get a free email account and participate in the list. I assume there are other reasons he hasn't pursued that avenue. The dead horse metaphor used earlier comes to mind....> Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 13:55:28 -0500> From: gregsvb@AOL.COM> Subject: Re: [HP3000-L] Wirt Atmar> To: HP3000-L@RAVEN.UTC.EDU> > I just donít believe that anyone who has been an HP3000 Guru for a long time, can actually leave this list officially. I have many good friends who left HP3000 long time ago, yet their heart is still with us. Mike Berkowitz, to name one (weused to call him a 'SuperMan') left HP3000 about 5 yrs ago, yet as of today, I still see him from time to time participating into our HP3000 discussions...> Greg
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