Merry Christmas to everyone who visits and contributes to this news group.

I would also like to use this forum to say thank you to all those who
organised the HHC 2007 this year in San Diego. This was the first HHC I
attended and I strongly recommend that others try to join it next year,
wherever that might be :-)

What was figuratively, and literally the icing on the cake (see the most
recent Datafile) was the London HPCC 2007 event two weeks later. Thank
you very much to those who organised that event, where I was able to
hear again some of the talks which had gone over my head two weeks
earlier (my excuse was the jet lag).

There are several core people and many helpers who are involved in
arranging and running these events, so I want to say that your efforts
are appreciated very much. Without wishing to exclude mention of
anyone, I should like to say thank you to HP's involvement this year,
which made the experience truly memorable.

I also want to say thank you to those who put together the calculator
calendar. Fantastic!