i tried to connect a scanjet 3800 to a pavilion 6105a.de (Vista Home
Premium) via usb.

The hardware check of scanjet 3800 works fine.

The Installation of the latest software packages from the HP website for
scanjet 3800 works fine to (firewall was turned of during installation and
antivirus was deinstalled before installation).

When I tried to scan via the HP solution center HP scanning is launched.
After selection of Microsoft Paint as target and click at "scan" nothing

As I tested the scanjet 3800 with the same software package connected to a
Compaq nx8220 (Vista Business) everything works very slow but fine.

HP customer support means that there might be some trouble with the pavilion

Please advice me how to get the scanjet 3800 work at the pavilion 6105.de
and tell me if solving this issue is included in the 2 years
on-site-warranty of the pavilion 6105.de

Thank and regards,

Dirk Lehmann